Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dirt-Mark LaFlamme

About the book:
Introducing Gov. Frank F. Cotton, a man with his share of secrets. He is a strong contender for the Republican nomination but now one fit of madness threatens to unravel his ambitions. His son, insane with grief, has removed the corpse of his bride from the cemetery and disappeared with her.

In the red hot days of the presidential primaries, such a sordid affair could spell ruin for the presidential hopeful.

Gov. Cotton will not let it happen.


This book is a delicious account of politics at its finest.

A governor, named Frank Cotton, is a staunch republican who is running for president. He has pretty tough competition, not only from his own party, but also from the democrats.

This widowed father has recently lost his young daughter-in-law to a brain aneurysm. His son, Calvin, has not taken this very well and decides to steal his wife's body from her crypt, so they can continue on with their lives. And Calvin is on the move across the northeast.

Obviously, this does not sit well with the governor. This information can not be leaked to the press. He sends out one of his henchman, Thomas Cashman, to pursue this case. Cashman hooks up with a seemingly hopeless alcoholic author, Billy Baylor, for advise. Baylor wrote about death and the macabre and had done much research in this area for his novels.

What ensues is a cat and mouse game between Cashman and Baylor and the pathetic romantic, Calvin.

This is a remarkably effective and interesting novel. It is full of wit, sarcasm, compassion, empathy, horror and brutal honesty.

You are able to see the dark side of politics in all of its glory, and you become slightly nauseous over what could really be going on in our own government. There are many cover-ups that are to insurmountable to pass.

The ending is so surprising and heart-wrenching that it almost took my breath away.

This author is a clever man with a punch. He also has a beautiful way of describing events. This book is highly recommended and certainly worth your time to read. Brilliant!!

About the author:

Mark LaFlamme is a crime reporter and columnist at the Sun Journal in Lewiston, Maine. In his weekly column Street Talk he often vents his frustration with and disdain for editors, comparing them to bats, spiders, extraterrestrial slugs, and other beings too diabolical to describe. The column has been named both Best in Maine and Best in New England.
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Thanks so much for Tracee, and Pump Up Your Book Promotion for sending me a copy of this book to review!

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