Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Jolly Good Fellow-Stephen V. Masse

About the book:

Two weeks before Christmas, Duncan Wagner gets into his car for another attempt at kidnapping the son of his most despised enemy, State Representative Win Booker. When he drives into the wealthy Boston suburb, he is surprised to find the boy hitchhiking. So begins Wagners quest for revenge as he finds himself face to face with a real boy, and without a clue about how to run a kidnapping.

Wagner, a self-styled charity Santa Claus, comes to realize that eleven year old Gabriel Booker is truly a runaway, much more curious than scared. Gabriel has no idea who Duncan Wagner is or could be.In an old apartment in downtown Boston, the odd pair makes an unforgettable team, providing each other with what they have been missing in life.

Author Stephen V. Masse captures the friendship with a blend of suspense and humor, showing that love is a resource which can bring redemption to the most damaged souls.

This is a story about a man and a boy that is very engaging and strong.


Duncan Wagner is a man who lives in Boston and has been down on his luck for the last 10-15 years. He does seasonal work as a Santa Claus. He collects the money on the street corner, but he keeps the money for himself, so he can survive.

He cooks up a scheme to kidnap the boy of a state representative to gain some money to make it through the winter. But, on his way to kidnap this boy, whose name is Gabriel, he finds the 11 year old hitchhiking down the street and picks him up.

What ensues is the growing relationship between Duncan and Gabriel. Their relationship starts to become one of deep trust and caring. Duncan acts like the father Gabriel wishes he had. He caters to the boy and even buys him a Christmas tree to set up and decorate.

The ending is surprisingly unique with Duncan's "foiled caper". But, the message learned here will make your heart warm and happy, especially at this time of year. This book definitely has a possibility of becoming a true Christmas classic! Bravo!

About the author:

Stephen V. Masse was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Educated at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, he studied writing and historical biography, and was the author of a weekly column, Out of Control. His first novel, Shadow Stealer, was published by Dillon Press in 1988. When not writing, he restores and renovates homes in the Boston area, and serves as an ambassador in the Santa Claus Anonymous fundraising benefit.
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Great review. Sounds like a good read.