Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wicked Game-Lisa Jackson & Nancy Bush

Jessie Brentwood has been missing for 20 years. She attended private school at St. Elizabeth's. She always was restless and preoccupied, so it came as no surprise to her high school friends that she had disappeared. Infact, they assumed she just "took off."

But now, human bones have been discovered on the grounds of St. Elizabeth and her friends are wondering if they are Jessie's.

Sam McNally, the detective on the case, never believed she just "ran away" and has always considered her friends as suspects. So, he reopens the case "full-tilt" and starts to question them again, as he waits for confirmation on the remains.

The group of friends start conferring with each other even though they have gone their separate ways over the years. Becca and Hudson even renew an old romance, considering he was once Jessie's boyfriend.

But, something evil lurkes around them and then starts striking out and one by one these individuals start to fall prey to this preditor. Becca and Hudson try to stay one step ahead of this demon as he slowly starts killing of their friends.

Will detective McNally find the assassin? Will Becca and Hudson find and answer before it is to late?

Chillingly suspenseful, these two sisters (Lisa and Nancy) bring us a book that is irresistably haunting. The end leaves you hanging just a little, so one can only hope there is a future sequel.