Friday, April 24, 2009

The Girl She Used To Be-David Cristofano

Jonathan Bovaro has been watching Melody Grace McCartney for the last 20 years.

Melody was six when she, along with her parents, witnessed Jonathan's dad, Tony, commit a murder in the early morning at an Italian restaurant.

After her parents testified against Tony, they were all put into the Witness Protection Program. Melody could never adjust to this program and after her parents were killed became increasingly bitter about it.

When her cover is threatened to be blown yet on more time, she is wisked off to the east coast. There she comes in contact with a man who knows her true identity and everything about her. She is very intrigued by this stranger and eventually finds out that it is Jonathan. They start to develop quite a relationship.

This is a very intriguing nove. David Cristofano does a beautiful job of narrating in the character of Melody. With high hopes for this couple to make it together, there are circumstances beyond their control. In the end, Jonathan Bovaro ultimately shows how much he love Melody. Very nice read.