Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blood Harvest-Brant Randall

Set in the 1920's, this is a haunting story of a family that is torn apart. The McKay's (who are of Irish decent), are appalled when their youngest daughter, Mary, runs off to marry an Italian immigrant. Mary and her husband, Nick, live just beyond the river, across the county line, but they never again have anything to do with the McKay's.

This is during Prohibition and the McKay's make their living (for the most part), making the best moonshine in three counties.

At a church social in the late summer, two cousins (who have never met each other), have a sexual encounter. They get caught by another cousin and one of them gets beaten very badly. The other one is caught and a trial ensues.

For me, to try to explain what happens next would be an insult to this author. But, there is a lynching which is VERY disturbing and at the end there are two dead bodies.

This is a very compellig book that is very easy to read. The trauma these two families face is very intense. I would highly recomment this engaging book to anyone whi is looking for some intrigue.

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